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Giving Rides

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Nizar Mabroukeh from FreeImages

How do the rides actually happen?

  1. This service is literally ‘Volunteer-driven’. All drivers are courteous and trained volunteers who have passed criminal background and driving record checks. 

  2. In nearly all cases the drivers will be providing the rides in their own vehicles. 

  3. Paid drivers, with the same training and background checks, may be used during overnight hours to ensure that all ride requests can be met. 

  4. We make sure that the vehicle and all occupants are fully insured according to Michigan state law. 

  5. All drivers are able to help carry groceries, and provide walking assistance to any rider who desires it. 

  6. Riders who use walkers and folding wheelchairs will be paired with drivers who can lift and stow these devices. 

  7. Volunteer drivers earn mileage credits which can be kept for their own use, donated back to Independence Rides, donated to low income riders, or donated to family/ friends who are also members. 

  8. Independence Rides is a 501(c)(3) public charity to help keep rides affordable.

  9. This service is in collaboration with ITNAmerica, a national nonprofit senior transportation service. 


Volunteers Wanted!  Here are a few ways you can help. 

  1. Requests to be Volunteer Drivers are always welcome. All potential drivers complete a volunteer driver application and consent to a background check.

  2. Several other volunteer opportunities exist, including;
        Ride Coordinators
        Marketing & Communications Support
        Member Care Support
        General Office Support
        Car Donation Coordinator 
        [ and others]

Can You Lend a Hand?

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