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Receiving Rides

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Nizar Mabroukeh from FreeImages

How do you get access to this Transportation Independence?

  1. Our service Is specifically designed for people age 60 & over, and vision impaired adults, age 18 & over. 

  2. All riders complete an application to become members of Independence Rides. This helps to ensure we provide the correct kinds of drivers and vehicles for the member’s needs. It also ensures we have complete contact information. 

  3. Membership dues are $50 per year, which provides full access to this door-through-door and arm-through-arm service. 

  4. Membership includes a transportation account where money is deposited to pay for rides. The fare for each ride is deducted from this account, so no cash or cards are ever needed during the ride. 

  5. Rides within the service area are a flat fare of just $10 each. Rides beyond the service area include a pickup fee plus a per-mile charge (please see the Service Area page).

  6. There are no restrictions on what the rides are used for. Rides can be used for doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, visiting friends/family, a day at the museum, etc. 

  7. Rides should be scheduled 24 hours in advance to ensure a driver with the correct vehicle can be confirmed.

  8. All drivers are volunteers, who are courteous, trained, and have passed criminal background and driving record checks.

Let's go for a Ride!

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